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From: David McInerney
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        borderlands e-journal

I am pleased to announce that the special issue of borderlands
e-journal 'Althusser & Us' (ed. D. McInerney) is now available
(free-to-access) on the web at the following address:


My introduction to this issue not only provides my views on Althusser's
philosophical practice (and its relation to the essays in this volume)
but also  provides summaries of each of the contributions to this
special issue.  Contributors to this special issue include: Stuart
Elden, Adam Holden, Jason Read, Yoshihiko Ichida, Warren Montag,
Vittorio Morfino, William S. Lewis, Caroline Williams, and Augusto
Illuminati.  Full table of contents follows.  We hope that this will be
a major contribution to the current rethinking of Althusser's
philosophy, its relations to other Marxist and non-Marxist philosophy,
and its implications for Marxism as theory and politics.

You will also notice with this issue a major change in the editorial
board.  There is still one issue outstanding from 2005 that will appear
soon under the aegis of the old ed board (which effectively was pretty
much Anthony Burke by himself during 2005, as it became difficult for
he and I to meet after he moved to UNSW), but from Vol 5 No 1 onwards
the editorial board consists of Jane Mummery (University of Ballarat),
Catriona Elder (University of Sydney), Bruce Buchan (Griffith
University), Lorenzo Veracini (Australian National University), with
Anthony remaining in the role of Publisher and I assume a new role as
Associate Editor.  This enables much of the load to be taken off Tony,
who founded this journal and has worked tirelessly and largely alone
editing and publishing it for the last five years.  If interested in
submitting essays you should first send abstracts (not complete essays)
to the new editorial board at the following email:
borderlands at pobox.com.  My role will now be restricted to the following
role, intended to support the new board and you, our readership: I will
continue to tell people about the existence of borderlands, to be a
first point of contact on the left forums, and either do referee
reports or find suitable referees in the following areas: left-wing
political movements and theory, Marxism and post-marxism, and Foucault
(as the new editors see fit).  There will be a change in my email
address at some point in the near future due to spam problems with this
one, and because I aim to move to Japan for a while after this
semester, but I will inform you all of the change when it happens.

My apologies in advance to anyone who receives this notice more than
once.  I hope that you find this special issue provocative, engaging,
and useful.  The table of contents follows.

Dr. David McInerney
University of Adelaide

Volume 4 Number 2, 2005

Althusser & Us
Editor: David McInerney


David McInerney
'Althusser's Underground Railroad: From Dialectical Materialism to the
Non-Philosophy of the Non-State'


Vittorio Morfino
'An Althusserian Lexicon'

Jason Read
'The Althusser Effect: Philosophy, History and Temporality'

Warren Montag
'Foucault and the Problematic of Origins': Althusser's Reading of Folie
et déraison'

Adam Holden & Stuart Elden
'"It Cannot be a Real Person, a Concrete Individual": Althusser &
Foucault on Machiavelli's Political Technique'

Yoshihiko Ichida
'Subject to Subject: Are We All Schmittians in Politics?'

William S. Lewis
'The Under-theorization of Overdetermination in  Hegemony & Socialist


Warren Montag & Tassos Betzelos
'What's Left after Iraq?'

Caroline Williams & David McInerney
'Althusser and the Persistence of the Subject'

William S. Lewis & David McInerney
'On the Subject of Theoretical Practice'


Enda Brophy & Mark Coté
'The Lives of Infamous Protesters'


Augusto Illuminati
'Recent Italian Translations of Althusser's Texts on Aleatory

David McInerney
'Althusser and French Marxism (William S. Lewis, Louis Althusser and
the Traditions  of French Marxism, Lanham: Lexington Books, 2005).'

  Hasana Sharp
'Foucault and Feminism Redux (Dianna Taylor and Karen Vintges eds.
Feminism and the Final Foucault, Urbana and Chicago: University of
Illinois, 2004)'


Dr. David McInerney
borderlands e-journal

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