Re: [OPE] market socialism

Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 11:47:00 EDT

> I don't understand the motivation for wanting to 
> pay
everyone the same. It makes no sense to me, although I'm open to 
> counter-arguments. 

Hi Ian:

don't understand the desire for equality? 

Even trade
unions under capitalism, especially progressive unions,
seek to
decrease wage differentials because they realize that 
(inequality among members)  is a threat to the prospects for
solidarity and unity - surely, two other goals consistent
with the ethics
of socialism. 

As a practical matter,
there will be inequalities in the early post-capitalist
period. But,
we should not make a virtue out of a necessity and we should
be clear
that a goal of socialism is equality.   To be a 'comrade' is to
be an
equal: we should strive for a society of comrades (equals).

In solidarity, Jerry

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