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Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 16:18:11 EDT

Equal pay for equal labour does not mean equal pay per hour if there is
some objective basis for measuring the comparative performance of people
doing the same task. In principle payment according to labour is compatible
with piece rates if the work is such that these are meaningful.

If piece rates are not meaningful, objections to equal hourly pay comes down
to professional and sexual prejudice.

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>> I don't understand the motivation for wanting to
>> pay everyone the same. It makes no sense to me, although I'm open to
>> counter-arguments. 
> Hi Ian:
> You don't understand the desire for equality? 

I understand it well enough, which is why I think workers will in
general not want to pay each other an identical wage, since they know in
practice that not everyone acts equally.

Of course, in a democratic firm the members are free to pay each other
an identical wage if they so wish -- by voting for such a distribution.

And surely this is better than ... imposing an equal wage?

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