RE: [OPE] market socialism

Date: Wed Jul 02 2008 - 16:39:01 EDT

> Equal pay for equal labour does not mean equal pay per hour if there
> some objective basis for measuring the comparative
performance of people 
> doing the same task. 

Hi Paul C:

That, in practice, would set in motion a Taylorist
dynamic which would only
increase the intensity of work. This was
something we have (unfortunate) experience 
from in the

We have to remember that there will be a
different *culture* regarding work and
fellow  workers
(=comrades=citizens)  in a socialist society. 

Hi Ian::

> I understand it well enough, which is why I
think workers will in 
> general not want to pay each other an
identical wage, since they know in 
> practice that not everyone
acts equally. 

My comment above about a different culture
under socialism 
is germaine.  The current perceptions of
workers reflect the divisions
among workers under capitalism which
will have to be surpassed 
before a revolutionary transformation
can be brought about. 

> And surely this is
better than ... imposing an equal wage? 

It'n not a
matter of "imposing" an equal wage. It's a matter of building
solidarity and _convincing_  workers that they are all equals in
this new society.
As I said before, a certain amount of inequality
may be necessary 
*temporarily* as a practical matter, but we
should strive over time to move beyond 

solidarity, Jerry

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