Re: [OPE] Market socialism [the false assumption of the law of value]

From: Ian Wright (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2008 - 14:07:36 EDT

> So you are in a position similar to the “imperfect competition” trend of
> neoclassical economics. They don’t expect a final Pareto equilibrium,
> but they don’t understand the usefulness of disequilibria as I said
> about you in this mailing list and in my paper.
> Have I to repeat my criticism to your social error signals?

What I have been trying to communicate is that the concept of an
attractor is essential to understand the trajectory of a dynamical
system *even if the system never reaches its attractor*.

Let me try to put in another way.

Let's say we have a ball in a bowl. The ball is moving around the side
of the bowl. Over time its trajectory gravitates toward the bottom of
the bowl, at which point it will be at rest.

You are saying that a human hand frequently intervenes to push the ball
this way and that in an unpredictable manner.

But from this observation you conclude that there is no force that
pushes the ball toward the bottom of the bowl.

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