RE: [OPE] Robust correlations between prices and labour values

Date: Sun Jul 13 2008 - 05:35:06 EDT

>  Do you not want to have it discussed again on OPE-L?
Hi Jurriaan:
If others wish to discuss that topic again, go ahead.  I don't 
really have an interest in  that particular question,
though.  I was simply calling the attention of others on
the list, yourself included, to the fact that it has been discussed
before and when that happened. [After almost thirteen
years of discussion, I know from experience that it's quite hard
to keep track of what was discussed, when, and who said 
To the extent that I continue to have an interest in 
very abstract theoretical questions it is only to the
extent that they form a link (in a systematic dialectical
chain, so to speak) to more concrete issues,
In solidarity, Jerry

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