RE: SV: [OPE] The genocidal implications of biofuels

Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 14:14:10 EDT

> Whether one advocates vegetarianism relates to the question of population versus> resources. I would be hesitant to go around strongly advocating vegetarianism> as something compulsory, remember what Khrushchev said about there being no> socialism without sausages --- he was expressing a pretty deep popular sentiment> in places like Russia and Poland.
Hi Paul C:
I agree that there should not be compulsory vegetarianism.
This, however, leaves open the question of whether 
socialists should advocate vegetarianism as a desirable goal
and use educational resources to make the case to the people.
There is also a pretty deep popular sentiment for vodka in
Poland and Russia.  While I don't think we should forbid the
production of vodka and sausages, we should educate 
about the negative health (and social) consequences
of alcohol abuse and high-fat and high-cholesterol diets.
In solidarity, Jerry
PS: thanks for the preliminary report on the conference.
Keep us posted (pun intended).

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