RE: [OPE] Mastering Marxian Economics

Date: Mon Jul 28 2008 - 09:31:47 EDT

>  Yes, in that exchange I realized that you are using VLP as in the sense > of (b), but you are leaving out domestic labour resulting in a weak > theory from a historical perspective.
Hi Dave:
No,  I was _not_ using VLP in the sense of (b). You wrote previously
of (b) that it is a "more general and historically invariant concept".
I do not conceive of the VLP (or value, SNLT, and labour power
as a commodity) as a trans-historical concept and this constitutes one 
of the major theoretical disagreements that I have with you (and
Paul C and Allin and ....).  What is crucial from my perspective is 
that these concepts are specific to the CMP and a particular form of 
In solidarity, Jerry

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