Re: [OPE] socialist planning in capitalist firms

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 2010 - 18:00:44 EST

On 2010-03-11 22:48, Adler Paul wrote:
> So my query is about whether folks on this list are aware of any recent work that explicitly aims to assess progress in the emergent pre-figuration of socialist planning in the corporate sector.
> ... Or if they think I've posed the problem wrongly.

Paul, these are excellent questions in my opinion. But I do not have
enough knowledge about the issues to make a good assessment of them. To
me it seems that sophisticated means of macroeconomic accounting would
be important in any form of socialist economy and that advances in
information technology used in firms today could be used for such purposes.

Have you looked into Paul C and Allin's work on planning? Or the work by
Stafford Beer?


//Dave Z

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