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You protest too much. The vast majority of people of the world face a
brutal reality due to imperialism. Open polemics among socialists is surely
not too much to ask given the appalling state of left movements throughout
the imperialist countries. In the biggest crisis since the great depression
we have made little progress and I guess my criticism of OPE-L is that it
doesn't seem to want to confront this reality. Read the book and answer the
arguments if you are interested - don't complain, before you begin the
process, at the 'tone' of debate.

After all the way Lenin and for example Cuba are treated in the mainstream
and left press shows that their protagonists have few scruples in their
debating methods. They are fighting a class battle. I think those who
oppose them should do so as well. Fighting opportunism at the time of the
development of the classical theories of imperialism was surely key to
understanding the standpoint of the revolutionary trend in the movement.

David Yaffe

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> > The latest edition of FRFI has a review of an important new online book by
> > Alec Abbott - Kautskyism past and present. The review is in FRFI 216 - The
> > limits to opportunism - and is by Peter Howell.
> >
>David, I don't think the way this issue is framed --- as a matter of
>denouncing 'opportunists' --- is a good way to conduct a scientific
>discussion about what imperialism is and how it operates. (That is, of
>course, if one is genuinely interested in such a discussion, which I
>have seen few indications of so far.)
>//Dave Z
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