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If you believe that scientific method somehow exists independent of social
and economic conditions and class forces, that is history, then I cannot
help. No serious scientist believes that!

Your use of the 'collected works of Lenin' surely exposes your prejudices
and I find it insulting that you suggest that my analysis or that of Alec
Abbott's can be dismissed in such a gratuitous fashion. I refuse to
continue along such lines.

David Yaffe

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>On 2010-08-07 22:32, wrote:
> > You protest too much. The vast majority of people of the world face a
> > brutal reality due to imperialism. Open polemics among socialists is
> > surely not too much to ask given the appalling state of left movements
> > throughout the imperialist countries. In the biggest crisis since the
> > great depression we have made little progress and I guess my criticism
> > of OPE-L is that it doesn't seem to want to confront this reality.
> > Read the book and answer the arguments if you are interested - don't
> > complain, before you begin the process, at the 'tone' of debate.
>The mistake here is that you conflate an informal discussion forum with
>some hypothesized political organization. Polemics are certainly
>warranted if one targets specific policies by various political forces
>when real issues are at stake, e.g. in a strike or a campaign. But this
>is not the case when we are trying to analyze how the contemporary world
>operates; the 'correct line' is then given by the criteria of the
>scientific method and not the Collected Works of Lenin.
>//Dave Z
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