Re: [OPE] Important review of Kautskyism Past and Present

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sat Aug 07 2010 - 17:58:35 EDT

On 2010-08-07 23:32, wrote:
> If you believe that scientific method somehow exists independent of
> social and economic conditions and class forces, that is history, then
> I cannot help. No serious scientist believes that!
The questions one asks, the 'problematic' if you will, is set by such
conditions. The adherence to the scientific criteria, however, is not.
That is a matter of honesty, rigour and being anti-dogmatic.

> I find it insulting that you suggest that my analysis or that of Alec
> Abbott's can be dismissed in such a gratuitous fashion. I refuse to
> continue along such lines.

I do not dismiss your analysis of imperialism in that fashion; when I
actually did try some time back to discuss and evaluate the claims of
your article --- which I found on the whole interesting and on certain
points in agreement with --- it was rather you who were unwilling to
discuss the issues that I raised.

Similarly, I would be interested to read Abbott's work on imperialism as
such, not his textual analysis of 'opportunists' such as Harvey or
Callinicos, but the theoretical status and empirical record of what
*his* theory aims to explain and predict.

//Dave Z
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