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I do not think I can do the work for you. If you are realy interested in these questions you have to refer to the history of philosophy in its relation to social history. However, in particular Marx's "Afterword" to the third edition of "Capital", "Method of Political Economy" in the "Grundrisse" would be place to start with.

If you are interested you can also consult my paper on Rosa Luxemburg:

With regard to your last question you can analyse the first paragraph of "Capital" (volume 1).






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Dogan, you wrote:

> Dialectics is the scietific method of working class.

I would be very interested to understand what you mean by this. More


   1. What is the 'scientific method' of (a) the landed aristocracy, (b)


   2. Could you spell out what the criteria for 'dialectics' is in one


//Dave Z


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