Re: [OPE] Important review of Kautskyism Past and Present

From: Dave Zachariah <>
Date: Sun Aug 08 2010 - 06:09:20 EDT

On 2010-08-08 11:20, D. Göçmen wrote:
> If you are interested you can also consult my paper on Rosa Luxemburg:
Thanks, seems succinct so I can print it.

> If you are realy interested in these questions you have to refer to
> the history of philosophy in its relation to social history. However,
> in particular Marx's "Afterword" to the third edition of "Capital",
> "Method of Political Economy" in the "Grundrisse" would be place to
> start with.
References like this is a practical way of being evasive: The first
specific question was whether there are other scientific methods for
other classes and if so what they are?

> With regard to your last question you can analyse the first paragraph
> of "Capital" (volume 1).

Certainly the first paragraph of vol. 1 is not an explicit answer to the

    The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of
    production prevails, presents itself as "an immense accumulation of
    commodities," its unit being a single commodity. Our investigation
    must therefore begin with the analysis of a commodity.

Again, this is avoiding my specific question, which was to give the
criteria for 'dialectics'.

Let me make it simpler then: What do you view as the criteria of the
science method?

//Dave Z
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