Re: [OPE] Important review of Kautskyism Past and Present

From: Paul Cockshott <>
Date: Thu Aug 12 2010 - 09:12:36 EDT

What is the difference between a structural and an intitutional mechanism?

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From: "Dave Zachariah" <>
Subject: Re: [OPE] Important review of Kautskyism Past and Present
Date: 12th August 2010
Time: 12:57:48 pm

Lately I've become increasingly convinced that the problems of the
orthodox theory of imperialism are really rooted in a flawed orthodox
theory of operation of the state in a capitalist mode of
production---which was a reasonable model up to the beginning of the
20th century but problematic since, as Vivek Chibber has pointed, it
was based on personal and institutional rather than structural
mechanisms of the state's class bias. Hence one must go there to
resolve the foundational problems.

//Dave Z
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