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one way to think about changing capitalism is the project that jk
gibson-graham were involved in. see, for example,
JK Gibson-Graham, 2006, A Postcapitalist Politics, Minneapolis: University
of Minnesota Press

this is practical work being done to think about, articulate and promote
alternatives to capitalism.

On 9 May 2011 05:06, Charlie <> wrote:

> Jerry wrote:
> >
> The first principle is "eliminate rich and poor", right? What is your
> specific program for how this would be done *globally*? i.e. how would
> international disparities in wealth be overcome? It is rather easy to
> see that there could be potential conflict within an international
> socialist economy over wealth and income inequalities.
> ...
> How much wealth do you estimate there is in the world?
> <
> Hi Jerry,
> Perhaps a question more acute than how much wealth is there in the world
> is something along the line you indicate, although with more emphasis on
> fettering relations of production than technological change: how much
> useful work is currently suppressed and waiting to be unleashed?
> Thank goodness for every bit of international solidarity against unjust
> wars, imperialist oppression, colonial-style exploitation, and the
> global corporate drive to push workers to the bottom.
> Still, nearly all political action occurs within state boundaries. The
> outlines of the next mode of production have come into view by analysis
> of advanced capitalist economies. I'm optimistic that the working people
> of the U.S., France, Britain, and other countries are moving, at
> different rates, toward doing away with capitalism. They will do it in
> one state then another; boundaries between some states might change; and
> new relationships among them will emerge. But foreseeing an
> international socialist economy is still like trying to grab a wisp of
> smoke.
> Charles Andrews
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