Re: [OPE] market - and other kinds of - socialism

Date: Sun May 08 2011 - 20:40:24 EDT

> Perhaps a question more acute than how much wealth is there in the world
> is something along the line you indicate, although with more emphasis on
> fettering relations of production than technological change: how much
> useful work is currently suppressed and waiting to be unleashed?

Hi Charles:
That's an important and legitimate question but so is the following one:
how much wealth will post-capitalist societies have to spend to clean up
the environmental mess caused by capitalism? True, we can't answer that now
because the technologies which will help clean up the mess haven't been
developed or are in their infancy. Still, the task of saving the planet
is shaping up to be, imo, the most costly endeavor ever undertaken.
And consumption patterns and means of consumption will have to change as well.
Frankly, I'm not as optimistic as you are about the future.
In solidarity, Jerry
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