Re: [OPE] capitalism as a system

Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 12:55:28 EDT

> If I abstract to conditions that don't exist and
> couldn't, there can be a tendency to lose my foothold.

Hi Howard:
'Free market capitalism' and 'free competition' don't exist
and couldn't exist. To believe that they can exist mis-comprehends
the inter-relation between capital and the state. This was a
failing of classical political economy since they, in general, viewed
the state as an impediment to capital accumulation rather than grasping
their inter-connection. It is ironic that some Marxists are influenced
apparently by the free marketeers - a group which sees the source
of oppression (only or primarily) in the role of the state and the fountain
of liberation in their ideal of capitalism. It is ironic because many of the self-same
Marxists downplay the role of the state in the capitalist system.
In solidarity, Jerry

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