Re: [OPE] capitalism as a * * * system

From: Paula <>
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 18:58:21 EDT

Howard wrote:
"actually Marx is pretty clear that the concept of 'capital in general' does
not extend to any consideration of competition".

We should also point out that, even at this level of abstraction, capital
has certain freedoms - crucially, the freedom to exploit labor. This freedom
is also not absolute, it has limits that are biological, cultural,
political, etc. Nevertheless it's real and important.

The really interesting and difficult question is whether the freedom to
compete (also real and important, though limited) is already contained in
germ within this more abstract concept of 'capital in general'. Or, to ask
the question in a different form, why does capital always appear as 'many
capitals', even in the era of imperialism, when monopolistic tendencies and
state regulation are at their most developed?


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