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From: Michael Webber <>
Date: Wed May 25 2011 - 19:17:02 EDT

well, paula, it seems that capital didn't always appear as many capitals.
if we accept that stalinist ussr and eastern europe were state capitalist,
then they had single capitals. [of course, there were different states...]
so your question could be posed: what did state capitalism fail? i'd
venture the view that many-capitals capitalism was technically more dynamic
and became able to out-compete single-capital capitalism.

On 26 May 2011 08:58, Paula <> wrote:

> Howard wrote:
> "actually Marx is pretty clear that the concept of 'capital in general'
> does
> not extend to any consideration of competition".
> We should also point out that, even at this level of abstraction, capital
> has certain freedoms - crucially, the freedom to exploit labor. This
> freedom
> is also not absolute, it has limits that are biological, cultural,
> political, etc. Nevertheless it's real and important.
> The really interesting and difficult question is whether the freedom to
> compete (also real and important, though limited) is already contained in
> germ within this more abstract concept of 'capital in general'. Or, to ask
> the question in a different form, why does capital always appear as 'many
> capitals', even in the era of imperialism, when monopolistic tendencies and
> state regulation are at their most developed?
> Paula
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