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Date: Sun May 29 2011 - 10:47:18 EDT

> yes, jerry, we seem to be misconnecting.
> You wrote:
> "If there is no competition
> among capitalists and if there is constant full employment where
> everyone has the right to work, how can this be said to be capitalism?"
> I read this to say three things: if there is no competition and constant full
>employment and everyone has the right to work, then this is not capitalism.
Hi Howard:
Close: What I was suggesting is that capitalist competition and
free labor (which, along with the laws of motion of capital, gives
rise to the industrial reserve army, which is at least tendentially
reproduced) are essential characteristics of capitalism. This is
NOT to say that they are the ONLY such characteristics. I posed
it in the form of a question because I would like to see arguments how
a society in which there was no capitalist competition or free
labor (in the dual sense of the term) can be considered to be
in solidarity, Jery

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