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In ope-l 4129, Andrew wrote:

> A comment on Alejandro Ramos ope-l 4120.
> Ale: "take Tugan-Baranowsky Theoretische Grundlagen
> des Marxismus [1905], Ch.VII, part III."
> Andrew: Please.

I apologise to all listmembers for the PEDANTIC above-
quoted calling in my post.

In fact, in the Post Scriptum of that post I explained that
I have a Spanish version of Tugan's book. I manage German
with difficulty.

The source of the problem is the fact that there is no an
English version of this important book and, maybe, this is
a good occasion to make a suggestion to some listmembers,
those having many publications and fluent contacts with

Let us suggest the translation into English and the
publication of some important "missing" texts for Marxian
Political Economy!!

Not only Tugan's book but, e.g.:

1. The first part of Bortkiewicz's "Price and Value in
Marxian System" which was omitted in Sweezy's edition. This
"first part" contains the "review of the literature" done
by Bort. (There is an Italian edition!!)

2. Some early reactions to Vol. III, like Komorzynski --a
follower of Bohm-Bawerk-- or Muhlpfort's articles
that, according to Howard and King, already contain Bort's

3. Shibata's article [1933] containing the first iterative
solution of the transformation problem. (This is in English)

4. Natalie Moszkowska's texts.

5. The debate on inflation on Die Neue Zeit, already
mentioned by Jerry in recent posts.

Alejandro Ramos M.