[OPE-L:4260] Mandel vs. Baran-Sweezy

aramos@aramos.b (aramos@aramos.bo)
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 17:40:43 -0800 (PST)

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Ive been browsing a book written by a listmember, Alejandro
Valle-Baeza called "Valor y precio: Una forma de regulacion del
trabajo social", UNAM, Mexico, 1991.

Alejandro Valle summarizes an article written by Mandel in 1967,
published in Spanish as "La teoria del valor y el capital
monopolista". In this work, Mandel criticizes Baran-Sweezy thesis
that capitalism development implies an "increasing surplus".
According to Alejandro Valle's summary, Mandel's thesis seems an
important precedent of recent interpretations emphasizing the
determination of value by labor-time vs. the "surplus school".

Perhaps Alejandro Valle himself or someone who had read this article
could further comment on this topic. For example, could Mandel's
article be considered --at least in some aspects-- a clear precedent
of TSS analysis?

Alejandro Ramos M.