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One suggestion on banks, banking, etc.: William Blake, *An American
Looks at Karl Marx.* This was published (I think) in the 1940s (I could
check). Another title, same work: Elements of Marxist Economic Theory and
Its Criticism. This is a huge work of exegesis, of Marx and Marxist
literature up to the time of publication. The author was a Wall Street
Newletter editor; has a very classical European-style erudition. The book is
chatty, witty, learned to a fault, sometimes wildly off base (especially in
characterizing various authors; one reviewer said it "annihilates regiments
of straw men). Still, sections on money, interest, banking, financial
markets, etc., are quite refreshing and interesting. The book is out of
print, of course, but libraries will have it.


David Laibman