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Gerald Levy (glevy@pratt.edu)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 18:19:34 -0500 (EST)

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David L wrote on On Wed, 10 Dec:

> One suggestion on banks, banking, etc.: William Blake, *An American
> Looks at Karl Marx.* This was published (I think) in the 1940s (I could
> check). Another title, same work: Elements of Marxist Economic Theory and
> Its Criticism. This is a huge work of exegesis, of Marx and Marxist
> literature up to the time of publication. The author was a Wall Street
> Newletter editor; has a very classical European-style erudition. The book is
> chatty, witty, learned to a fault, sometimes wildly off base (especially in
> characterizing various authors; one reviewer said it "annihilates regiments
> of straw men). Still, sections on money, interest, banking, financial
> markets, etc., are quite refreshing and interesting. The book is out of
> print, of course, but libraries will have it.

Blake's book was published by The Cordon Company, Inc. [I wonder who they
were?] in 1939. It's quite long (746 pages) and also (Mike W take note)
has a lengthy "Bibliographical Guide" (pp. 663-699). A lot of copies seem
to have been published since it routinely keeps showing-up at used
bookstores here.

We have our own expert on Blake -- Rakesh. In fact, listmembers may recall
that he published (in 2 posts) Blake's -- previously unpublished --
questions for advanced students. Unfortunately, no one has answered
Blake's questions yet. Perhaps we could attempt to answer some of those
challenging questions.

In solidarity, Jerry