[OPE-L:7587] [OPE-L:1141] Re: A Review of Lapides' Marx's Wage theory

From: zarembka@acsu.buffalo.edu
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 08:44:49 EDT

On 09/07/99 at 12:08 PM, Ajit Sinha <ajitsinha@lbsnaa.ernet.in> said:

> The problem with the whole book is that he does not argue any thesis
>properly. The book is just chock full of quotations.

So is Theories of Surplus Value, and Lapides' book plays a similar role:
trying to understand clearly predecessors and pulling argumentation
[Marx's, in this case] systematically together in one place so the rest of
us can move forward.

To give an example for Lapides himself, he uses his own work to oppose
Grossman's "Capitalist Breakdown" theory (Science and Society, Summer

In any case, I suspect others on this list haven't had a chance to read
the 1998 book and probably are getting bored. I have been mainly trying
to get the book treated with a respect I think it deserves. Paul

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