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From: Michael J Williams (michael@williamsmj.screaming.net)
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 05:01:47 EDT

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>The labor power purchased by capitalists to
> engage labor power to produce that ad (secretaries, draftspersons, video
> specialists, designers, bookkeepers, ads for the ad business, ...) results
> in a nothing. When I remark on that to my students, none (or almost none,
> excepting apologists for capitalism) defend the result as the product of
> productive labor.

As I see it, the epthet '(un)productive' is not meant to be a defense of
anything. It is intended as a 'scientific' category to capture that which is
(un)productive of surplus-value. The desirability or not of the use-value of
the product, on any critieria beyond the bare fact that it must have one in
order to be a commodity, has nothing to do with it.

As Jurriaan put it:
> >Incidentally, the problematic of productive labour in capitalist society
> >is different from the problematic of socially useful labour in socialist
> >society.

Dr Michael Williams
Economics and Social Sciences
De Montfort University
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