[OPE-L:1291] Re: Re: Advertising and productive labour

From: Ian Hunt (Ian.Hunt@flinders.edu.au)
Date: Sun Sep 19 1999 - 22:08:19 EDT

 It doesn't matter if the ad is out-sourced or done in-house, how the
> marketing dept gets its assignment done.

We agree on this - as I have made crystal clear several times during the
present discussion.

I had thought it did metter - but maybe I am confused on this. If an
advertising firm employs workers to produce adds, it is clearly as
productive labour as any product and that product is sold by the firm. The
product of course is waht Michael says it is, helping Coke/Pepsi sell
Coke/Pepsi to thirsty people. But when an advertiser was employed in house,
I fel that, while the service was the same, the product in this case is not
sold, and so there is no question of it having value, with part of it
surplus value. I would say the same about intermediate goods. Sugar is
purchased by Coke and its cost is recovered in the product, but the labour
in producing sugar is productive for the producer of sugar, not coke. But
maybe I am confused...

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