[OPE-L:1292] RE: Re: Re: FW: RE: Re: Prof. Itoh's paper

From: makoto itoh (mktitoh@kokugakuin.ac.jp)
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 00:00:44 EDT

Dear Chai-on, Dancan, Ian and other friends;

Sorry to trouble you by my (probably improper) technical operations to send
you my files. Sometimes Mac PC does not receive my files. My Words is a
Japanese version with too heavy soft. This time I shall try to send the same
files in a Ms-Dos text file form and in unencoded mode. I shall be glad if
you can read them in this format. Let me know if you can. By the way
Jurriaan says that he managed to read my prvious (second) files.

All the best,

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