[OPE-L:1384] Re: Re: still more on advertising and productive laour

From: Michael J Williams (michael@williamsmj.screaming.net)
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 16:41:51 EDT

>At issue, btw, here is not only whether managerial "labor" is
> productive or unproductive labor, but more fundamentally whether or not
> managers are part of the working class. That is, unless you want to put
> forward the proposition that a group outside of the working class can be
> productive of value and surplus value in bourgeois society.

This is precisely the issue of contradictions between class-in-itself and
class-for-itself manifest in the case of just such managerial labour that I
have argued earlier is at a less abstract level than the fundamental
(un)productive labour distinction that is concerend only with
class-in-itself, as determined by direct production relations.

Dr Michael Williams
Economics and Social Sciences
De Montfort University
Milton Keynes

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