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> Conceptually I agree. However in terms of identifying the productive
> force income criteria are important since beyond a certain level of income
> the socio-economic compulsion to sell labour-power disappears, and those
> involved are not included in the working class.

Just a detail: the logic of this position is at best a bit compressed. If
they have no other source of income, the highly paid worker is compelled to
go on working on pain of a falling living standard and a running down of
their savings. Alternatively, of course, they could invest sufficiently
significant savings and cease to be a wage/salary worker.

At the risk of further enhancing my pariah status, I would argue that
capitalist too are under a compulsion (on pain of slipping into the working
class) to continue to successfully buy labour power to produce commodities.
(Lest I be misunderstood, by heart does not bleed too much for capitalists
temporarily in between losing one and making another fortune by exploiting

> Just because Mike W is critical of it doesn't mean I cannot explore the
> transhistorical argument.

Right on, Jurriaan!

Dr Michael Williams
Economics and Social Sciences
De Montfort University
Milton Keynes

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