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Outer Senshi Gallery

The outer senshi are Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, and last, but definetly not least, Sailor Neptune.

This is Sailor Neptune in her uniform. She's Sailor Yang's favourite!


Hurray for Haruka! She's gots the same hair style as Yang.


Slice! Better be careful with that thing, Uranus! It looks sharp!


This is Sailor Yang's favourite! Her hair is prettier when it's this colour as opposed to the greener colour.


She's so cute! She's Sailor Yin's favourite!


I like the contrast that the pink flowers make with the blue.


Nice Kimono! She's so pretty!


Michiru the musician.


Sailor Pluto, senshi of time.


This is a really nice picture of Michiru! Yang wants her hair!






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