Hit counters on Wake Forest University web pages

Note: this page is retained for archival purposes only. It is no longer valid for installing hit counters on your WFU web pages.

WFU Information Systems provides a convenient utility for tracking visits to your web pages.

Installing hit counters using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the best web authoring tool around, and Wake Forest has a site license. If you are not using it, get it.

To place a hit counter on your web page in Dreamweaver, choose from the menu strip

Insert > Comment

then in the comment box type

#exec cmd="/pub/gopher-data/cgi-bin/access_count userid-countername"


Here is what I inserted for this web pages counter. My user ID is "matthews", and I call this page "HowToCounters-00-10-29".

You can see this in use at the end of this line, which is where I inserted the above comment: [an error occurred while processing this directive] hits.

Installing hit counters in plain HTML

In your web page where you want the number of hits displayed, insert the following html:

<!--#exec cmd="/pub/gopher-data/cgi-bin/access_count userid-countername" -->


<!--#exec cmd="/pub/gopher-data/cgi-bin/access_count matthews-home-99-10-28" -->

Creating a web page showing a summary of all your hit counters

I generally make my page counters invisible on the pages where they reside; all that is necessary is to set the font color around the counter HTML to the background color. I prefer to see all my counters in one place, as shown here.

How to do it

  1. Create a directory under your www-home directory called cgi-bin.

  2. Create a file in this directory called grepcounters in this directory, and be sure it has read and execute permissions. The file grepcounters contains the following text:
#!/usr/bin/ksh -f
echo 'Content-type: text/html\n\n' 
echo "<html><head>"
echo "<Title>Page Counter Summary</title>"
echo "</head>" echo "<body>" echo "<h1>My Page Counters</h1>"
echo "<pre>" date grep userid /pub/gopher-data/.counts echo "</pre>" echo "</body></html>"

Change userid above to your Wake Forest login. This creates a web page that displays all hit counters containing the character string userid, which should just be a list of all your hit counters.

The URL of this web page is not obvious:


How it works

You only need to read this if you want to play around with your own version of grepcounters.

Grepcounters is an example of a cgi program. This can be any program that can execute on ac, including shell scripts. The program needs to generate an output that looks like the HTML of a standard web page.

In the above example, nearly the whole ksh script is just echoing commands writing standard HTML. The most important part consists of two UNIX commands:

The only subtleties involved are getting the "Content" line right, including new line characters, and running this under ksh. There is a bug in the AIX csh echo command that fails to properly produce end of line characters.


Thanks to C.W. Yip for teaching me everything on this page.

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