Wake Forest Univeristy
Agency and Action
Graylyn International Conference Center, September 22-24   

Recommendations to Chairs, Speakers, Commentators, and Attendees

Keynote Sessions:

              Sessions will last 90 minutes, with hopefully 30-40 minutes of discussion.

Regular Sessions:
              Sessions will last 90 minutes, with roughly 30 minutes for the paper, 20 minutes for the commentary, 5 minutes for a very brief response, and 35 minutes for discussion.

Speakers for Regular Sessions:
              Please aim to send your papers to commentators by August 1 in order to allow them enough time to write their comments. In addition, please send me a copy of the paper as well, so that I can distribute it to the other participants before the conference starts (unless you feel uncomfortable doing so).
              My hope is that with the papers distributed in advance, speakers will use the thirty minutes to present the main ideas and/or arguments from their paper (along the lines of the format at the Wisconsin meta-ethics workshop).
              Also, if you plan on using overheads, PowerPoint, or the like, please let me know ahead of time.

              Please aim to have your comments ready by September 15 at the latest.

              Chairs are asked to start and end the sessions on time, keep speakers and commentators to something roughly like the above schedule, and make sure that no one in the audience dominates discussion. In addition, a very brief introduction of the speaker and commentator would be nice but is optional.

              My goal is to keep this conference small and intimate. There will be a few spots available for people from out of town to attend, but you will need to get in touch with me beforehand to make arrangements. There will not be an opportunity to just show up and register for the conference without having contacted me.

              Ethics has kindly agreed to publish either some or all of the papers from the conference, and possibly the comments as well, in a special symposium on agency.

Wake Forest University, Philosophy Department, Contact Information: Christian Miller, phone: 336-758-3564, email: millerc@wfu.edu