The Beacon Project

Thanks to a $3.9 million grant from the Templeton Religion Trust, I am currently the philosophy director of The Beacon Project, which examines morally exceptional people from the perspectives of philosophy, theology, and psychology.

Theistic Ethics Workshops

Together with Mark Murphy (Georgetown) and Chris Tucker (William and Mary), I am organizing a series of workshops on theism and morality. Details about the next workshop in 2017 at William and Mary can be found here. Details from the 2016 workshop at Georgetown Univeristy can be found here. Details from the 2015 workshop at Wake Forest University can be found here.

Test of Character: How Good (or Bad) Are We?

I have completed a draft of my third book, which will be aimed at a popular audience and will be published by the Oxford University Press philosophy trade division.

Moral Psychology, Volume V: Virtue and Character

This edited collection, with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, has been submitted and will be published in the MIT Press moral psychology series in early 2017. Details about the conference from which the papers are drawn can be found here.

Integrity, Honesty, and Truth-Seeking

This edited collection, with Ryan West, is in preparation for publication in 2019 in the Oxford University Press series The Virtues. A workshop for the volume's papers will be held at the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2017.

The Character Project

I have completed a five year, $5.6 million project on the existence and nature of character called The Character Project, with funding from the John Templeton Foundation and the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Please see our additional websites on Academic Resources for the Study of Character and Popular Resouces on Character.

Developing a Smartphone-Based Character Assessment System for Schools

I was a co-Investigator for this John Templeton Foundation project in the amount of $249,670. Funding Period: April 2014 to July 2016. I continue to work with Edumetrics as we turn to publishing the results.

Questions of Character Blog

Please visit my blog at Psychology Today.

The Journal of Moral PhilosophyThe Journal of Moral Philosophy

I am the Book Review Editor of The Journal of Moral Philosophy. If you are interested in reviewing for the journal, please send me an email.