Math 165: Mathematics Seminar for Freshmen

Dr. Jason Parsley    and    Dr. Jeremy Rouse


  • Our first 5 topics are all posted, as are the associated problems.
  • You must complete at least 5 problems correctly to pass the class. These are due by the last day of classes. We encourage you to complete several of these now. You may submit these to either one of us -- it's easiest to hand it to the professor who covered that topic.
  • You can find a list of the topics for the course, along with any relevant materials, under the Topics tab. We also will maintain a list of suggested problems on the Problems tab.
  • By now, you should have all of your problems submitted. Hope you enjoyed the class!

About this course

Meeting time & location: Th., 1-1:50pm, Manchester 016

This is a 1-hour, pass/fail seminar in mathematics designed for incoming freshmen. Each week we will cover a fun topic outside the usual calculus curriculum. Any interested students should contact one of the professors.

The syllabus is online.

Where to get help

  1. Dr. Parsley's office hours (330 Manchester):
    • MW 3-4pm
    • Tu 2-3pm
    • F 12-1pm
    • by appointment
  2. Dr. Rouse's office hours (340 Manchester)
    • M 10am-12 noon
    • Th 2-4pm