Koleman Strumpf's Published Papers

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The Arsenal of Democracy: Production and Politics During WWII (with J. Snyder and P. Rhode). 2018. Journal of Public Economics.

Smoking and Mortality: New Evidence from a Long Panel (with M. Darden and D. Gilleskie). International Economic Review, 2018. 59: 1571-1619.

The effect of file sharing on record sales, revisited (with F. Oberholzer-Gee). Information Economics and Policy, 2016. 37: 61-66.

Discussion of: Copyright and the Profitability of Authorship: Evidence from Payments to Writers in the Romantic Period (MacGarvie and Moser). Economics of Digitization (Shane Greenstein, Avi Goldfarb, and Catherine Tucker, editors), University of Chicago Press, 2014.

The Long History of Political Betting Markets: An International Perspective (with P. Rhode), The Oxford Handbook of Economics and Gambling, Oxford University Press, 2013.

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Introduction to Special Issue on Corporate Applications of Prediction Markets. Journal of Prediction Markets. 2009. 3(1): i-vii.

The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis (with F. Oberholzer-Gee). Journal of Political Economy. 2007. 115(1):1-42.

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The Behavioral Dynamics of Youth Smoking (with D. Gilleskie). Journal of Human Resources. 2005. 40(4): 822-866.

Decentralization and Government Provision of Public Goods: The Public Health Sector in Uganda (with J. Akin and P. Hutchinson). Journal of Development Studies. 2005. 41(8): 1417-1443.

Historical Presidential Betting Markets (with P. Rhode). Journal of Economic Perspectives. 2004 (Spring). 18(2): 127-142.

Assessing the Importance of Tiebout Sorting: Local Heterogeneity from 1850 to 1990 (with P. Rhode). American Economic Review. 2003. 93: 1648-1677.

Endogenous Policy Decentralization: Testing the Central Tenet of Economic Federalism (with F. Oberholzer-Gee). Journal of Political Economy. 2002. 110: 1-36.

Note: the maps in the published version were printed out of order and with the wrong captions. See the online version for the correct maps.

Does Government Decentralization Increase Policy Innovation? Journal of Public Economic Theory. 2002. 4: 207-241.

Strategic Competition in Sequential Election Contests. Public Choice. 2002. 111: 377-397.

Government Credibility and Policy Choice: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Earned Income Tax. Journal of Public Economics. 2001. 80: 141-167.

Infrequent Assessments Distort Property Taxes: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Urban Economics. 1999. 46: 169-199.

Estimating Presidential Elections: The Importance of State Fixed Effects and the Role of National versus Local Information (with J. Phillippe). Economics & Politics. 1999. 11: 33-50.

A Predictive Index for the Flypaper Effect. Journal of Public Economics. 1998. 69: 389-412.

Essays in political economy. Dissertation, MIT, 1995.

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