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Thank you for considering our criminal procedure casebook for your class.  The book was first published in Spring 1998 and is now on the 3rd edition which was published this year by Aspen. Our book covers the full range of criminal procedure topics, from brief searches and stops through post-conviction judicial and executive review. We have gathered state and federal cases, statutes, rules of procedure, prosecutorial policies, police manuals and other materials to redirect the criminal procedure course away from its current focus on federal constitutional adjudication and towards a fuller conception of procedure, with the constitutional component in its proper place.  If you have already purchased the casebook and teacher's manual, there is a link to the secured teacher's only website below.

The teacher's manual describes our perspective on the materials, and suggests lines of questions and exercises to generate class discussion. Where an unusual classroom technique has succeeded for us, we describe it. For instance, we point out occasions when exercises in drafting statutes, police department rules, or opinions have been fruitful. The book also gives teachers further background on the problems in the book, including (where available) the analysis of a court facing a similar or identical fact pattern. While the book itself refers to additional reading, the manual will provide further references. In addition to this general discussion of the text and its use in the classroom, teachers using the book will also have access to more detailed outlines of notes for leading class discussion.


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2007 Marc L. Miller & Ronald F. Wright