Spring 2007 CSC 108
Introduction to Programming
Dr. Yue-Ling Wong

Final Project Version 1 Description

Due: April 12, 2007 (Thu)

The first version of the project has to have progress beyond the basic requirements of Lab10. It does not need to be the fully completed project. However, the more progress you have made, the more I can give you feedback on.

Files to upload to Blackboard:

  1. ONE Flash .fla
  2. ONE or more .as class files
  3. ONE .doc file (does not need to be in standard essay format; point form will be fine):
    1. a brief description or specification about your completed final version, i.e. what I can expect to see in your final version
    2. you programming plan or outline to go from your current first version to this final version
    3. any foreseen challenges you want to ask me for pointers
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