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Physics :: Projectile Motion :: Cannon Ball Projectile Soak-A-Mole Game

How to Play:

Before you play this game, you should check out the section How to Calculate #1 to find out how you can control the cannon ball's landing distance by setting the appropriate initial velocity for the cannon ball and its firing angle. Practice several calculations to find out the appropriate initial velocity and firing angle for the landing distances, 3 to 8 meters.

Write down on paper your findings of the initial velocity and firing angle for each landing distance. And, have this piece of paper next to you when you play this game. When the mole appears, find out its distance from the cannon. Look up your initial velocity and the firing angle for the distance closest to the mole's distance. Use initial velocity and the firing angle to fire the waterballoon to the mole. Have fun!

How to Fire a Waterballoon:

  • Click once in the game below to start
  • UP / DOWN arrow keys: adjust the angle of firing
  • LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys: move the kid and the cannon
    • hold down the spacebar to increase velocity
    • release the spacebar to fire
    • hit the Control key once to hold the velocity, so you can wait for the right moment to fire
  • Drag the ruler to any location if you want to do measurements

Note: The background color of the game changes according to your computer's time. Depending on what time you are playing, you may even see "virtual" sunrise or sunset while you are shooting water balloons!

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