the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials is the Wake Forest University research community’s support infrastructure for work in the nanosciences and materials sciences. The Carroll research group is housed completely within the Nanotechnology Center facilities and has access to the wide range of capabilities there. Central to our work:

The electron microscopy and materials characterization facility (HRTEM, FE-SEM, CTEM, STM/AFM, XPS, Scanning Auger, EDAX)

The cleanroom facility (Class 1000, sputter deposit, PECVD, thermal evap, and organic device fab.)

The solar testing facility (AM1.5g Class A standards vertically and laterally mounted, EQE, IQCE, power efficiency.)

The growth and synthesis lab (anything from CVD to polymer synth can be worked out here)

What makes the Wake Forest University program successful?

the Nanotech Center

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