Professor David L. Carroll


Professor Carroll is a physicist by training with a primary interest in the fundamental symmetries of electronic materials. His research focuses on the synthesis and properties of exotic “quantum materials,” spanning conducting polymers, 2D dichalcogenides, perovskites, nanotubes, and non-equilibrium systems such as time crystals. In a spatially restricted, low-dimensional form, these systems combine local topological symmetries and global boundary conditions of material objects to yield unique, emergent quantum cooperative signatures that may soon form the very heart of future quantum information processing.  

Since many of these materials are also of great technological importance, it isn’t surprising that a significant portion of Prof. Carroll’s work also involves approaches to technologies such as LEDs, OLEDs, OPV, TEGs, Organic lasers, biological sensors, and more. Most recently Prof. Carroll’s group has patented and published in areas of: high-efficiency thermal plus kinetic power scavenging using Onsager coupled heat baths, Ultra-high efficiency field induced polymer electroluminescent lamps (FIPELs), thermal/solar power collectors based on hybrid Sterling engines (HySterE), and high efficiency, high brightness perovskite LEDs with exceptional  lifetimes.

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lab ph: 336 727 1804

fax: 336 758 6142

PhD: Physics

Fellow of the American Physical Society

University: PhD- Wesleyan U. (CT/US), BS- NCSU (NC/US)

Postdoc: UPENN (PA/US), MPI-Stuttgart (BW/DE)

Tenured: Clemson (Physics), Wake Forest University (Physics)

Adj. Appointments: Cancer Biology, Biomedical Engineering

h-index: GS/ 61  RG/ 52

Frequently Publishes in: APL, PRL, Adv. Mat., NanoLett.

Publications: > 300 + 2 text books and 3 edited books.

Patents: 12 issued patent families (~ 30 distinct patents)

Citations: > 19,000

Editorial Service:

   Board: Engineering

   Board: Journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics

   Board: Current Organic Synthesis

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Personal Info...

Professor Carroll lives in Winston-Salem North Carolina with his family. He plays classical guitar and violin loves the Piedmont Opera and supports the North Carolina School of the Performing Arts.

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Dept. of Physics

214 Olin Physical Laboratory

Reynolda Campus

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem N.C. 27109