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Professor, Department of Economics, Wake Forest University

Working papers

Here's a paper presented at the Eastern Economic Association meetings in March 1999, ``Economic planning, computers and labor values'', in postscript, and one presented at the 1997 Eastern meetings, on ``The Scientific Status of the Labour Theory of Value'', available in PDF format or as postscript.

Also a conference paper (PDF) on Say's Law - partly put up as a test for pdftex. It's in Adobe Caslon. If it prints it will be a miracle, but it looks nice in Acroread.

A working paper ``Monetary Endogeneity and the Quantity Theory: The Case of Commodity Money'' is here available as a postscript file or PDF, and another one on ``zombies'', in the context of the philosophy of mind (postscript).

In addition, here are links to some more of my working papers in the archive at Colorado, and to the book on socialism that I wrote with Paul Cockshott.

TeX stuff

To find out about using TeX on the Economics Department's server, please look here, and for a local mirror of Tony Roberts' very thorough introductory and reference material on TeX and LaTeX, look here.

Here are some of my own productions using TeX: A poem by Mayakovsky in Russian (PDF); a short essay in the same language; and a gzipped tar file containing some files pertaining to the typesetting of these pieces with pdftex (or the same thing as a zipfile).

A couple of font-related items: A file containing materials for making oldstyle or non-lining numerals the default in TeX documents using the Computer Modern fonts, and a file bembo-fix.tgz containing patches to extend the ascenders and descenders in Type 1 Monotype Bembo.

A shameful TeX style file for generating the sort of output that journal editors sometimes claim to want, namely brain_damage.sty.

A polemical rant in favour of TeX as opposed to word processors.


Current class websites: ECN 215, Introduction to Econometrics; ECN 201, Economic Data Analysis.


I am a great fan of Linux - the free Unix-clone operating system. Click here to find out more about Linux. Or find out about the local Piedmont Linux Users Group (PLUG). Or read some notes on running Linux on the ThinkPad A21m. I run a Linux server for the Department of Economics.


Here is a small bio; here are numerous works in progress; and here's the Cajun band I sometimes play with (in Scotland!).

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