Allin Cottrell


Professor, Department of Economics, Wake Forest University

My profile at researchgate (with links to publications); also a (somewhat dated) CV.


ECN 215: Introduction to Econometrics
ECN 207: Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECN 150: Introduction to Economics


I am lead developer of the open-source econometrics package gretl. Here's a recent account of hansl, gretl's scripting language.


Towards a New Socialism (written with Paul Cockshott).

Classical Econophysics (with Paul Cockshott and others).


Getting started?

Here are a few of my own productions using TeX: A poem by Mayakovsky in Russian (PDF); a short essay in the same language; and a gzipped tar file containing some files pertaining to the typesetting of these pieces with pdftex (or the same thing as a zipfile). Also a conference paper (PDF) on Say's Law typeset in Adobe Caslon, and another on “The Scientific Status of the Labour Theory of Value”.

A couple of font-related items: A file containing materials for making oldstyle or non-lining numerals the default in TeX documents using the Computer Modern fonts, and a file bembo-fix.tgz containing patches to extend the ascenders and descenders in Type 1 Monotype Bembo.

A shameful TeX style file for generating the sort of output that journal editors sometimes claim to want, namely brain_damage.sty.

A polemical rant in favour of TeX as opposed to word processors.

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