[OPE-L] Kommunistische Zeitschrift - English language source

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 13:32:48 EDT

Chris Arthur pointed out:

"Getting back to Draper again, he also discusses the origin of the wonderful
concluding slogan (or 'hortatory watchword' as he puts it): 'Proletarier
aller Lšnder vereinigt Euch!'. He points out that this first appeared
publicly in the Communist League newspaper Kommunistische   Zeitschrift in
September 1847. (There is an English translation of this very interesting
first, and only, issue in The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and
Friedrich Engels ed. D. Ryazanov, London, Martin Lawrence, 1930.) "


So I guess you can find your translation there - how good it it I do not

There is a reprinted version of the Martin Lawrence edition by Russell and
Russell, Inc., NY 1963 xi, 365 p. 23 cm but I don't know if it includes the
Zeitschrift; it could well do given the size; for this edition, Australasian
libraries mention, "the Manifesto text was translated in 1928 from German
for Martin Lawrence. The rest was translated from the revised 1922 ed. of
Ryazanoff's The Communist Manifesto [in Russian]. Translations by Eden and
Cedar Paul. Bibliography: p. [355]-357."

The IISH here in Amsterdam does not appear to have either edition in its
collections. Nor do the university libraries, in Amsterdam. This is very

Cambridge Uni Library does have it:
U of the Congress Library has it:
U of Canterbury Library, New Zealand has it:
U of NSW library does have the Russell edition:

So anyway, the translation is not lost for posterity.



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