Re: [OPE-L] Kommunistische Zeitschrift

From: Ernesto Screpanti (screpanti@UNISI.IT)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2006 - 11:22:23 EDT


thank you very much for the information about Ryazanoff's edition.
As to attribution to Marx and Engels, I did not immagine there were doubts
on it. Both the Italian and the French edition do this attribution.
Who knows who is right?
Perhaps the MEGA3 edition clarifies the question. Does anybody know if this
Introduction is included in it?


At 12.18 22/08/2006 +0100, you wrote:
>Why do you think they wrote it? I think it is highly unlikely.
>1. MECW would have included it, but they content themselves in the note by
>saying that M&E's influence in the journal contents can be detected.
>2. Draper does not mention it
>3. The editor was Wolff so he probably wrote it.
>4. A piece attacking Cabet's emigration plan has previously been wrongly
>attributed to Marx. It was probably by Schapper.
>5. There would be no reason for M&E to write together despite the one off
>commission to do the CM which happened shortly thereafter.
>6. M and E, separately, were active publishing during this period but they
>did so in the Deutsche Brusseler Zeitung, a communist journal edited by
>Bornstadt, very understandably since Marx was living there and E in Paris.
>7. There is an English translation of the whole journal in D Ryazanoff
>*The communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels* (London martin
>Lawrence 1930) Appendix. I don't have it to hand so I cannot report his
>editorial view.
>8. Incidentally the epigraph to the journal was Workers of the world unite
>- the first public appearance of this slogan.
>Chris A
>On 21 Aug 2006, at 14:09, Ernesto Screpanti wrote:
>>Does anybody know if there is an English translation of Marx's and
>>Engels' Introduction to 'Kommunistische Zeitschrift", n.1, London,
>>September 1847?
>>This journal was an organ of the Leage of Communists. But only n. 1 came
>>Marx and Engels Introduction is very important from a political point of
>>view, because they criticise certain autoritarian doctrines of communism.
>>I found an Italian and a French translation, but not an English version,
>>not even in the MECW. Who knows if there is one?
>>Ernesto Screpanti

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