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> Re discussions on the urgent topic of the present crisis, unfortunately
attempts at discussion usually soon hit a brick >wall of either silence or

Note that

   1. We did just recently discuss the causes of the current crisis
   initiated by Husson's article, but I'll assume the time constraints of the
   discussants eventually ended in silence.
   2. We did discuss the operation and relevance of the concept of
   imperialism some time back but it was ended on grounds of incompatibility by

> To try and avoid a discussion by dismissing it because it somehow falls
back on some of Lenin's important contributions > has much become very
widespread in left movements in the imperialist counties.

On the contrary, a discussion about the theoretical issues are avoided
precisely because the task is to detect and denounce some secret affinity to
this or that 'opportunist'. Look instead at Paula Cerni's very interesting
article on imperialism, it is a far more fruitful and appropriate way to
approach the topic:

Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century
Paula Cerni
If it is to renew itself, the Marxist theory of imperialism needs to engage
with this important discussion, just as it needs to re-examine its own
theoretical roots. But this project of theoretical renewal cannot proceed
without a detailed empirical knowledge of today’s world economy. Classical
Marxism defines imperialism as the highest stage of capitalist development,
a stage that capitalism itself cannot transcend (Lenin, 1968). Yet
imperialism, a part of human history, also has a history; in the last
hundred years, it has neither disappeared nor remained unchanged.
Consequently, a historical materialist theory of imperialism for today needs
to start from an analysis of contemporary world economic relations.

Note absence of the search for 'opportunists' and 'social-chauvinists'.

//Dave Z

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