Re: [OPE] GNU Conferences on Globalization and State Capitalism in East Asia

Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 22:29:19 EDT

> these look really interesting: thanks jerry. is there anywhere to get
> the paper by Lee jeong-koo?

Hi Michael W:

I don't know if it's being printed in English. In any event, you could ask
(OPE-L member) Seongjin Jeong since he helped organize the conference and
Lee Jeong-koo is also at GNU. Btw, he wrote his dissertation
on "A Study in the Development of State Capitalism in China since 1990s"
(in Korean). You might find the following review by Seongjin of Arrighi's
book _Adam Smith in Beijing_ to be of interest: Note, especially,
the paragraph which begins "In my view, the capitalist 'laws of motion'
that were formalized....".

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: If you need Seongjin's e-mail addresses, let me know. He's also
on Facebook - if you happen to be there as well.
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