Re: [OPE] GNU Conferences on Globalization and State Capitalism in East Asia

From: Michael Webber <>
Date: Mon May 23 2011 - 23:46:42 EDT

thanks, jerry. yes, in my view the review of arrighi is not only
interesting, but also spot on.

On 24 May 2011 12:29, GERALD LEVY <> wrote:

> > these look really interesting: thanks jerry. is there anywhere to get
> > the paper by Lee jeong-koo?
> Hi Michael W:
> I don't know if it's being printed in English. In any event, you could ask
> (OPE-L member) Seongjin Jeong since he helped organize the conference and
> Lee Jeong-koo is also at GNU. Btw, he wrote his dissertation
> on "A Study in the Development of State Capitalism in China since 1990s"
> (in Korean). You might find the following review by Seongjin of Arrighi's
> book _Adam Smith in Beijing_ to be of interest:
> Note, especially,
> the paragraph which begins "In my view, the capitalist 'laws of motion'
> that were formalized....".
> In solidarity, Jerry
> PS: If you need Seongjin's e-mail addresses, let me know. He's also
> on Facebook - if you happen to be there as well.
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