Quantum 2


Eric D. Carlson
Associate Professor of Physics

Research Interests

I currently am interested in Research in three different related areas:

Particle Physics and Particle Astrophyics
focuses on the interplay between particle physics and observations of the Universe around us. The goal is to use the Universe as a laboratory for the creation and study of particles.
Numerical General Relativity
attempts to simulate the interaction of large objects in the presence of strong gravity. For example, if two black holes are in close orbit of each other, they will produce gravitational radiation which will cause them to move closer together and eventually merge. The goal is to predict and detect the radiation of such a merger.
Semi-Classical Gravity
is a bottom-up approach to understanding how to do quantum mechanics in the presence of Black Holes. The goal is to understand the interplay of the quantum fields and Einstein's classical General Relativistic equations.





for questions or comments, contact ecarlson@wfu.edu
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