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Many students feel that pursuing one path means abandoning another. Should I aim to be a scientist or a mother? Should I pursue my passion in the arts, or focus on an employable career? With the proper focus and determination, it is possible to be active in multiple arenas, without having to make an exclusive choice.


Scientist or Mother?

In an excellent TED talk, Sheryl Sandberg gives three pieces of advice to young women. They are well worth heeding.

1. Sit at the table.
2. Make your partner your real partner.
3. Don’t  leave before you leave.

#3 is particularly important. Don't let expectations of "barriers to success" become real barriers to success.


Scientist or Artist?

Roald Hoffmann is an exceptional theoretical chemist and poet. He is a wonderful embodiment of the idea that the art/science dichotomy is not as clear-cut as we might think.




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